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Frank Buchs


Since 1986 Frank Buchs is operating on more than 130 international film productions - check also on IMDB. Starting as a production manager in 1995, working as Line and Executive Producer from 1999 and as managing director from 2005 for Videoscope and Polyphon International. He also started as a Producer since 2007 for international production in Canada, New Zealand and Europe. As of 2011 he was with Bavaria Studios producing theatrical and tv co-productions. Up from 2016 he was responsible as a Director of Production / Business Affairs - Film & Entertainment for all Sky Fiction- and Showformats. From 2019 - 2020 he was Managing Director and Producer of Construcion Film.
Various Production:
TV-Series: "Babylon Berlin" Season 1-3, "Das Boot" Season 1-2, "Der Pass" Season 1, "Acht Tage" Staffel 1, "Hausen" Season 1

Internationale CoPros 2014-2020: “Every Breath you Take“ staring Casey Affleck, „“Love, Wedding & Otter Desasters“ (staring Diane Keaton, Maggie Grace, „Land of Dreams" staring Gary Oldmen, "Swing“ staring Michael Shannon, Pay the Ghost" - staring Nicolas Cage, "Reasonable Doubt" - staring Samuel L Jackson u.a.

Sweden: "Nils Holgerson" (4 Episodes)
Around the World: "Traumschiff" (32 Episodes)
New Zealand: "Emilie Richards" (9 Episodes)
Canada: "Valley of the wild Roses" (13 Episodes)
"Jim Morrisson - Still alive" and "Love Janis" Documentaries for Arte

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